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PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures

PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures & Awareness of International Codes

PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures & Awareness of International Codes

It is a Comprehensive Design Course in Civil Engineering,focusing on Design &Detailing of Extensivefacilities in the Process Industrial PlantsEsp. Oil & Gas Refineriese.g. TheProcess PlantBuildings (Equipment Supporting orTechnological structures, Substation, Control Building,Equipment Foundations,Staircases),Offsites (Piperacks ,Cable Rack, Pipe bridge, Pipe supports, Duct Supports),Storage Yards (Tank farm, Dyke Wall,Platforms, Cross Overs),Non-PlantBuildings (Admin building, Warehouse, Workshop, weighbridge),Utilities(Cooling Tower, Pump house,

Compressor House sheds) &General Civil Works (Plant Drainage Systems, Pavements & Roads), Packaged Equipment’s(Cooling Tower/ Boiler / Steam Generation / N2 / Flare Stack / ETP /WTP/ STP, Material Handling / RO / Polisher Unit / Weigh Bridge Packageetc.),Virtual Plant tour (sample drawings & video’s).
The Course Briefs about WSM &focuses on LSM for Design &Detailing of various RCC & STEEL Structures.Shear Key, AnchorBoltscommon inSteel Structures, Piperacks, Pipe supports, Platforms, Staircases, Portals, Trusses etc.
The syllabus imparts awareness about the design of Monorail, Gantry Girder, Latticed/ N Girders, Plate Girder, Laced Columns, Built up sections, Portal, Truss, Purlins, Sag Rods, Girts, Brackets, Trestle Towers, Conveyor Supports, PEB : Pre-Engineered Buildings & RFQ process, , Simple, semi-rigid and rigid connection, Shear/ Moment/ Splice/ Bracing/ Hanger/ Eccentrically Loaded Connections, Cleats, Stiffener/ Gusset/ Splice/ End/ Flange/ Cap Plates, Steel Concrete Composite Structure, Encased Steel Structures, Fireproofing, Painting of Structural Steel.Connection &Fabrication Drawings.
The students will get confidence to use the latest versions of relevant IS codes; IS 456, IS800, IS 875- P1 to 5, IS1893- P1&P4, IS2911, IS3370,IS10262, IS13920,SP6,SP-16, SP34, SP38, SP40, SP43, PIP standards, IRC, OISD, API, design charts & tables, Awareness of International Important Codes. Common Software’s viz MS office, STAAD Pro V8i, Tekla, AutoCAD, MicroStation, 2D-3D software’s etc. The students will develop the ability to do hand calculations (& guidance to develop spread sheets) for the design of Key Process Plant Facilitieslisted above.The add – on in the course are; Email Writing practice, Mock Project/ Client/ vendor Meetings, Mock Telecons, Group Discussion, regular assignments, Plant Videos / Drawings, Mock Interview, Corporate Walk Ins & Written Tests guidance, Professional Dress Code tips, Final Examination, Certification, Convocation, Relevant Employer List.


Eligibility: –  Civil/ Structural Engineering UG/ Diploma/ Degree / PG Students or Fresh/ Experienced Working Professionals.


The List of Companies that will recognizethis COURSE: – This course will be recognized by Indian &/or International design consultancy firms primarily doing design & detailing of Process Industrial Plants E.g.Plants for Oil & Gas-Hydrocarbon Refineries, Chemicals Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, Energy & Power Industry, Cement Industry, Fertilizers Industry, FMCG Industry. Secondarily this course will also be recognised by Residential building design consultancies,Commercial building design consultancies (e.g. Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Theatres, Office complex), Infra structure projects designing consultancies like Airports, Jetties, Ports, Dams, Harbours, Bridges, Canalsetc& Off shore oil extraction Industry.

Course Instructor

Prof. M. Gokhale is currently MD &Professor of the Structural Engineering, at MHG Engineering Consultancy & Academy, India. She has 29+ years of vast experience in doing Design & Detailing of RCC / Steel Structures in Process Industry Plants for Indian & International projects in EPC sector with various Multinational Consultancies, in Mumbai.
She also has coaching & training experience in various Degree/Diploma/Architectural Colleges, Coaching Classes &Multinational Consultancies.

Courses Videos

Courses Syllabus

Postal Correspondence PGD in Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures
Online PGD in Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures & Awareness of International Codes
PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures

Key Points of the Syllabus of Online PGD in Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures & Awareness of International Codes

Introduction to Civil Engineering Projects& overview ofIndustrial Projects, Contracts, Concept of process plant engineering&facilities Esp. in O&G Refinery EPC Sector,Role of Civil Engineer,Multi - Disciplinary Organisation,Quality Procedures & Audits, Inputs, Deliverablestages,(IFA, IFR, IFE, IFF, IFC), Revisions,Design Basis, Time sheet, Rework Log, Variation Note, Change Notice.
Brief on Working Stress Method, Limit State Method - Use of relevantCodesincluding wind and seismic codes &Design Aids,Loading, Analysis, Design &Detailing of various types of RC Slabs in O&G plant facilities, Fixtures,formwork, Centring, Bar Bending Schedule practice, MTO.
LSM Design & Detailing of various types of RC Beams in O&G plant facilities, Corbels, Fixtures,formwork &MTO.
LSM Design & Detailing of various types of RC Columns&Pedestals in O&G plant facilities, Fixtures, formwork & MTO.
LSM Design & Detailing of various types of RC Staircases in O&G plant facilities, Architectural requirements, Fixtures,formwork &MTO. Concept of Portal frame, Multi bay frame.
: Soil Investigation– RFQ Procedure, Report, Use of Geotechnical report on project.Introduction to soil improvement techniques. About modern geotextiles & vendors. RFQ for site grading, civil contractor, stone column etc.
Design & Detailing of various types of shallow/ deep RC Foundationscommonly used in O&G plant facilities usingRelevant codes.Underground clash, Constructability Review, formwork &MTO.
Design & Detailing of various types of RC EquipmentFoundations(for vertical vessel / horizontal vessel / heat exchanger / Tankage) in O&G plants using PIP Standards, relevant Codes, Quality Procedure & Inputs.Underground clash check, Constructability Review, formwork& MTO.
Design & Detailing of RC Equipment Foundations for Spheres&Rotary Machines& also Chimney / stackin O&G plants using relevant Codes, Inputs & use of Quality Procedures. Underground clash checks, Constructability Review, formwork & MTO. Also design & detailing of Vertical pumpsupports.
Design & Detailing of various types of Retaining / Dyke Walls common in O&G plants. Common Materials of construction, Use of IRC, Underground clash check, Constructability Review, formwork & MTO. Drainage, Reinforcement Curtailment.Modern embankment retainingalternatives: Geotextiles, gabion walls& vendors.
Design & Detailing of various types of RCC Liquid Retaining Structuresin O&G plants. Formwork & MTO. Use of IRC, IS3370, Moody's charts, Torsteel Handbook. Concept of RWFW storage tank, Sea water intake well, Design for buoyancy,waterproofing.Modernliquid retaining alternatives:Geotextiles.
Intro to Computer Aided Design(Staad Pro.V8i, MSExcel, Bentley View, TEKLA, etc.), Modelling, Properties, Support-Material Specifications,Loading,Load combination, parameters, Analysis, Design,Importing CAD,AutoCAD, MicroStation, PDS, PDMS, SP3D, Bentley.
Salient Features, Design & Detailing of various types of Technological Structures in O&G plants. QualityInputs,Structural planning, opening for erection, cut-outs, plan / vert bracings,Modelling,Loading, Analysis, fixtures,fire proofing- encasing or gunniting, platforms, staircase, ladders, important equipment supports,RCC:Moment Resisting frame in both directions, Steel:Moment Resisting frame in 1 direction& Braced frame in other direction. Similar forRCC/ STEEL/CompositePipe Rackbeamlayout, pipe / stress loads, WL, EQ L, Anchor Bay,bracings,deflection, sway, Portal frame Analysis method,Cable / Duct rack, pipe bridge at road crossings. Precast RC Pipe Sleeper: features& MTO. Connections & sockets in Precast Piperack. Advantages / Dis advantages – RCC v/s Precast.Concept of Modular Piperack.
Design & Detailing of various types ofPlant Buildings in O&G plants. Quality Inputs, Architectural Features&drawings, Structural Planning, Awareness of Blast ResistantDesign (PIP,OISD, IS,ASCE), cellar, monorail forControl Room, Satellite Rack Room (Field Auxiliary Room), Substation, MCC Room, transformer foundations,Compressor &Pump House sheds: PreparingDeliverable list,Man Hour Estimate, Man Power Planning, Portal / Roof truss, purlins, sag rods, girts, gutters, roof lights, monitors, monorail, platforms, ladders, pipe supports etc.Design of crane girder.
Non-Plantbuildings -Inputs, Architectural functionality & drawings, Structural Planning, Loads, Analysis, Design, detailing of Admin building, Canteen:floor - wall finishes (plaster, paint), door windows ventilators & accessoryschedule, Warehouse, workshop:gantry girder, walkways, portal or roof truss, roof light, monitor, platforms,room layout, ventilation.Weigh Bridge & cabin – concept, vendor drawing, design, detailing, Tankfarms – paved – unpaved, Dyke wall(M.O.C.), cut outs, pipe-cabletray supports, platforms, pump foundations, crossovers, stairs.Cooling Tower- concept, features,eqpt support, basins, platform, vendor document review,Advantages ofPEB – pre-engineered buildings,RFQ.Design &Detailing of Packaged Equipment’s – Cooling Tower, Boiler / Steam Generation/ N2 / Flare Stack / ETP /WTP/ STP, Material Handling / RO / Polisher Unit /WeighBridge Package–scope, skid, Inputs by Mechanical & vendor.
General Civil Works - Roads – RCC/ bituminous, IRC, standard drawings, Pavements- flexible, rigid, joints.Plant Drainage System Design – MOC,open – closed,fluid content,cross sections, CRWS, OWS, SWD, Sanitary Sewer, PD, road crossings,Hume pipes, manholes, catch basins, Precast covers design, Pit Design for Buoyancy, Cable- pipe Trenches,Box Culvert –IRC loading, detailing.Precast trench cover Design.Insert plate design.Watch towers etc.
Advantages, Disadvantages. Types of Steel Structures& Common Configurations, Brief about IS800-1984 Working Stress Method, IS800-2007 Limit State Method. Material Grade- IS2062, SP-6: Steel Tables: Rolled Section, General Design Requirements – Loads,Partial Safety Factors,Sections Classification& Classes,Plan/ Vertical Bracings for lateral stability, Expansion Joints,Analysis:Fixed – Pinned base Plate(support condition),Deliverables: IFA, IFR, IFF, IFE, As Built.
Design & Detailing of Connections – Bolted / Welded: Advantages / Disadvantages. Types, Necessity, components.Bolted connection- Grade, dimensions, Bolt design strength, tack bolt, c/s area, single – double shear, Bolt strength in Shear / bearing/ tension, ultimate tensile capacity of plate, design strength, joint Detailing.Welded Connections- codes, Types –shop / site – fillet /buttFillet– size/ throat, dimensions,Design strength Butt weld – types, size, strength, Combined bearing, bendingand shear strength, welding symbols. Bracketed connection - Bolt/Weld Group Subject to In-plane and Out-of-Plane Loading. Connection / Fabrication Drawings
Design & Detailing of Tension Members: e.g. in truss, bracings. Member Design Strength Due to Yielding of Gross Section, Rupture of Critical Section, Block Shear, Bolted / Welded connection.
Design & Detailing of Compression Members: axial compressive forces e.g. in truss, bracings. Buckling classes, Effective length, Slenderness ratio, Design Compressive Strength, Splices, Bolted / Welded connection.
Design & Detailing of Column Bases - Anchor bolts and shear keys. Gusseted Bases, Slab Bases
Design & Detailing of Flexural Members – Types: Laterally Restrained, unrestrained Beams, Rolled / built up/ composite sections, Composite construction Steel beams for MS grating/ chequered plate/rcc slab, Bracket Design.
Design & Detailing of Girders: Types – Plate Girder, Lattice or N Girder, Gantry Girder, Monorails, rolled /built up / composite sections.
Design & Detailing of Portals frames (with / without cranes): use of SP40 for Steel Portal Frames w/o cranes, rolled/built up/ composite sections, wind bracing.
Design & Detailing of Truss frames (with / without cranes): SP38, A type & Lean To, LL, slope, purlins, girts, sag rod, bracket, hangers, Analysis by method of joints/ sections, Base plate, pinned/ sliding support, Connections.
Design & Detailing of Steel Staircase – functional requirements, dimensions, stair pedestal, connections. Platforms, Walkways. Cross overs.
QA requirements: Preparing for Audit, Filing Documents, Signed By, Check Prints, Check Lists, Record Prints, Superseded Prints, Use of Calculation/ Drawing Check Lists. Various Start- Ups/ Work Opportunities for a Civil Engineer. Awareness of International Codes, Drawing Templatesfor Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures: International Industrial Projects, Adaptability to work in Respected Country Codes.Common codes : INDIAN (IS, SP, IRC, OISD),American Codes (ACI, ASCE, AISC,ANSI, ASME, ASHTO,PIP, NBC , SP, API,HIS), British codes (BS), EURO codes (EC), Mexican Codes, SouthAfrican Codes (SANS, SABS), German codes (DIN), Singapore Codes (CP), Chinese (GB) , Japanese Codes (AIJ) , SaudiCodes(SBC), Canadian Codes (CSA), New Zealand (NZS), Russian (SNiP, SP), Australian Codes (AS) etc
Email Writing practice, Mock Project/ Client/ vendor Meetings, Mock Telecons, Regular Assignments, Plant Videos / Drawings, Mock Interview, Corporate Walk Ins & Written Tests guidance, Professional Dress Code tips, Final Examination, Certification, Convocation, Relevant Employer List. Suggested Reading – “MHG Engineering Academy Reference Book”
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Course3-Batch02 PGD in Design of RCC STEEL Industrial Structures WEEKDAY: M to Sa 6-May-19 5-May-19 23-Aug-19 3.5 MONTHS 13.30-18.30
Course3-Batch03 PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures WEEKDAY: M to Sa 26-Aug-19 25-Aug-19 13-Dec-19 3.5 MONTHS 13.30-18.30
Course3-Batch04 PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures WEEKDAY: M to Sa 16-Dec-19 15-Dec-19 4-Apr-20 3.5 MONTHS 13.30-18.30
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