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Civil Engineering Drafting – MicroStation

Diploma in Civil Drafting – MicroStation

Diploma in Civil Drafting – MicroStation is a definitive design course in Civil Engineering. It focuses on Detailing of Architectural, General Civil, RCC & Structural Steel layout & detail drawings in MicroStation Software. MICROSTATION is the world’s leading information modelling environment & can be used either as a software application or as a technology platform..

Eligibility: – ITI/ ITC/ VHSS/ Graduates/ Diploma/ Engineering Students/ Mechanical Draughtsman (Fresh/Experienced).


The List of Companies that will recognize this Course: – This course will be recognized by design engineering consultancy firms doing – design & detailing of Industrial Plants/ Residential buildings/ Commercial buildings/ Infra structure projects/ Off shore oil extraction projects, government agencies, automotive companies, construction firms, and patenting companies.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: – Highly Experienced Industry experts.

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Courses Syllabus

Postal Correspondence PGD in Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures
Online PGD in Design & Detailing of Industrial Structures & Awareness of International Codes
PGD in Design of RCC & STEEL Industrial Structures

Detailed Syllabus Diploma in Civil Drafting

Opening A New Design File Dialog And Settings Boxes Looking At Models Saving And Closing
Mice, Tools, And Elements Working With Tool Boxes Basic Tools Try out Controlling View Windows
Selecting Elements Deleting And Undeleting
Snaps And Snap Settings Keypoints Are The Key The Other Snap Modes Snapping Manually
The Design Plane Setting Working Units Entering Precise Dimensions
Understanding AccuDraw Working On The Drawing Plane Shortcut– Keys Shortcut– Exercises Constraining Data Points The Essential O Key Snap Shortcuts And Unit Roundoff Using The Popup Calculator
Using Absolute Coordinates Setting And Using The Grid
Blocks, Shapes, And Polygons Placing Arcs Placing Ellipses Arc Editing Tools
Smartline Lines Smartline Arcs
Element Color, Weight, Transparency, And Priority Setting Line Styles Fills And Element Class Elements On Levels Level Overrides And Custom Line Scales Editing Element Attributes And Filtering Levels Modify Line Style Attributes And Fill Colours
Building Fences More Selection Tools And Selection Groups
Moving And Copying With Precision Scale, Rotate, And Mirror Elements Arraying Elements Align, Stretch, Move Parallel, And Move To Contact Tools
The Modify Element Tool Partial Deletions, Break, Extend, And Trim To Intersection Trimming And Extending Elements Vertices, Fillets, And Chamfers
Measuring Elements Five Drawing Exercises
Text Settings And Fonts Text Placement Plotted Vs Design Text Heights Placing Notes With Arrows And Leaders Text Editing Tools
Dimension Settings– Geometry And Units Dimension Settings- Text, Symbology, And Advanced Dimension Element Tool Dimension Linear Tools Dealing With Small Dimensions Dimensions And The Modify Element Tool Editing Dimension Values Angular And Radial Dimensions Additional Tools
Printing Setup A Working Print Example Editing Printer Driver Files
Examination, Certification, Convocation, Relevant Employer List.
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